What is accident insurance?

Treatment and recovery after an accident are not only money. They usually do not allow a person to return to work, which means a decrease in income. In order to be able to count on cash injections in case of health problems that have arisen, for example, after falling down the stairs, an accident or stumbling on the street, it is worth considering purchasing an accident insurance policy.
This is personal accident insurance. Almost all insurance companies offer this policy. It guarantees payment of a certain amount both in case of death of the insured person, and in case of injury and significant deterioration of health.
How much the policyholder will pay to the injured party depends on the general terms of the contract and the amount of insurance specified in them. The amount of compensation depends on the type of injury, in case of death of the insured person, the policy recipients will receive compensation in the amount of 100% of the insured amount.

Accident insurance – what does it cover?
The basic version of the accident insurance policy guarantees compensation in case of permanent injury or death of the insured. But insurance companies, in an effort to meet the expectations of their customers, make it possible to expand this insurance.

More coverage is associated with a higher policy price. But the annual or monthly contribution is likely to be much lower than the compensation paid by the insurance company. For this reason, it is worth choosing accident insurance, which includes:
• covering the costs associated with the treatment itself and subsequent rehabilitation;
• payment of compensation for hospitalization;
• reimbursement of expenses for the purchase of medical supplies (for example, dressings), as well as medicines;
• compensation for permanent disability.

Personal accident insurance is an invaluable lifeline – it provides payments that can help a person recover. In addition, you can use compensation for everyday expenses in order not to lose financial liquidity when there is no opportunity to work and earn.

Types of accidents and policies
Depending on the choice of the type of policy, you can provide yourself with compensation in case of injury when screwing in a light bulb, driving a car, jogging in the park or playing football. You can choose special insurance for drivers, personal accident and student.

Car insurance
Such a policy can be issued by the owner of the car. It applies not only to the driver himself, but also to passengers traveling with him. Therefore, in the event of an accident, all injured passengers who were in the car at that moment can receive compensation.

The accident and injury insurance policy is paid separately from third party liability insurance and auto insurance policies. Together, these three types of insurance provide a reliable financial safety cushion for the driver. If an accident occurs, regardless of whether he is the culprit or the injured party, he will receive compensation for damage to the car and harm to health.

What is personal accident insurance?
This individual insurance can have a wide range of coverage. The policy guarantees compensation if a person is injured during repairs at home, as a result of falling down the stairs, tripping while walking in the park or in the store. What the policy will cover depends on the person and on the current offer of the insurance company.

Accident insurance for students and children
This policy applies to incidents that occurred at school, at home, or during a school trip. Toddlers can be insured against a dog bite, a broken arm, a tick bite or a concussion. There is also the possibility of obtaining financial support if a child needs tutoring – due to prolonged absence from classes due to an accident and treatment.

Personal accident insurance for athletes

This type of policy is intended for people who play sports professionally or as amateurs. Members of sports clubs, associations and foundations, as well as coaches can also apply for a policy.

There is no doubt that personal insurance against irreversible injuries is a good solution. An accident insurance policy can be inexpensive. Despite this, compensation can be a huge support when an accident occurs that has caused serious damage to health.